“I have always been deeply touched and inspired by the stories of  our suppliers,” says Amelia van Zyl, our Founder & Business Developer. “To build your own business is not a fairytale, but a story of  hard work, challenges and tenacity. It is also about the joy of people loving and appreciating your work and the fulfillment of creating and expressing your own ideas and dreams.”

With our KAMERS blog we want to share these beautiful supplier stories and show you a bit of the processes and people behind the fantastic products showcased at KAMERS. We are all about sharing, supporting and believing, so we feel the blog will be a great way to live out our philosophy in a special new way. We will be sharing about local products and businesses, especially made by women (as that is how we got started), about how it can support your lifestyle and about passion for creativity. We hope to support creatives by giving tips from our business journey over the past decade, by educating about the processes, components and ingredients needed to create handmade products, so that you will know what you are paying for, and by featuring young and fresh entrepreneurs and their products. You will see why we believe in each other, in the influence of buying local and in inspiring creativity in others.

Check back frequently for supplier stories, exciting new products we love, behind the scenes glimpses into creating the shows, books that inspire us, new additions to the KAMERS Online Store, fantastic photos and videos and much, much more.

We are very excited to share our stories with you! We hope you will be inspired by all the KAMERS creativity, just like we are!


Photos: Ria GreenCarolien & Ben