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KAMERS 2015 Cape Town Part 2

It’s Mother’s Day and the last day of KAMERS Cape Town – what a perfect combo! The past three days at the majestic City Hall have been incredible, with thousands of stylish shoppers exploring the rooms and halls filled with some of our country’s most creative minds’ most creative works.

From handcrafted fashion and jewellery, to organic beauty and skincare products; designer kiddies clothing and handmade toys, to gifts for guys and girls of all ages; first class wines and local bubbly, to delicious street food… we really have something for everyone.

So bring your mom and family for Mother’s Day, come find the perfect gifts and enjoy the last day of this unique proudly South African event, open from 9:00 to 17:00.

Enjoy more photos in Part 1.

CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-70 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-86 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-115 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-130 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-122 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-157 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-154 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-184 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-186 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-223CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-195 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-212CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-243 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-228 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-229 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-224CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-214 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-225 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-164 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-166 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-167 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-151 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-147 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-145CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-172 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-170CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-104 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-109 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-114 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-117 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-111CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-59CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-34 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-35CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-99 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-6 CarlaCorreiaKamers2015-10

Photos: Carla Correia

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