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KAMERS Summer 2014 Product Preview

Year after year we stand amazed and impressed all over again by the creativity of our local designers. After selecting the best of the best, from over 600 applicants, we love showcasing their freshest designs in our very own mini-magazine. The products filling these gorgeous pages are simply a teaser of everything that will be showcased at KAMERS 2014 Stellenbosch, 4-9 November and KAMERS 2014 Irene, 2-7 December.

For our Summer 2014 campaign we collaborated with some amazing artists to capture these beautiful creations. Our Stellenbosch shoot took place in our studio and next door at Flowers in the Foyer, who is a firm favourite at our shows, with stylist Anneke Roux, from AnnaH, and photographer Claudia De Nobrega creating visuals we have fallen in love with. The modern home of Josene, our Gauteng partner, was the perfect setting for our Irene shoot, with Geneviève Fundaro behind the camera and Candace Allan, from Absolute Perfection, creating beautiful florals, inspired by our artwork for Summer 2014.

The result is 50 pages of new decor and design products that will make you wish it was KAMERS time tomorrow. Of course we also added some mouthwatering food shots, our exciting Stellenbosch music line-up, the kykNET TV ad and a chance to win double tickets to KAMERS Stellenbosch or Irene.

Enjoy our best Product preview yet:

KAMERS Summer 2014 Product Preview

KAMERS Summer 2014 Product Preview - www.kamersvol.comKAMERS Summer 2014 Product Preview -

That’s all we’re showing you here. Be sure to view the complete product preview:

KAMERS Summer 2014 Product Preview

Photos:Claudia De NobregaGeneviève FundaroChantall MarshallCharl du Preez. Styling: AnnaHAbsolute Perfection, Corlia Bredell.

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