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KAMERS 2013 Irene Part 3

We hope you are all having a lovely holiday break like we are! This is the best time of year to recharge our creativity for another year filled with exciting KAMERS shows ahead. And what better way to inspire creativity than to look through more beautiful photos from our fabulous time at KAMERS Irene?

The show had a record 18 700 happy shoppers (not even counting all the kids!) enjoying the best of the best in SA creativity, delicious gourmet foods and fabulous wines and bubbly, all topped off with great live music by local artists. Thank you so much for all your wonderful support. We cannot wait to return to Gauteng for KAMERS 2014 Easter in Johannesburg, 18-21 April!

Also enjoy more KAMERS Irene photos by Geneviève Fundaro in Part 1 and Part 2.


Kamers Irene 2013-6811Kamers Irene 2013 4797_convertedKamers Irene 2013-6798

Kamers Irene 2013-6796

Kamers Irene 2013-6762 Kamers Irene 2013-6747Kamers Irene 2013-6751Kamers Irene 2013-6734Kamers Irene 2013-6744Kamers Irene 2013 6742_convertedKamers Irene 2013-6813

Kamers Irene 2013-6721Kamers Irene 2013-6711Kamers Irene 2013-6690Kamers Irene 2013-6691Kamers Irene 2013-6694Kamers Irene 2013-6818Kamers Irene 2013-4928Kamers Irene 2013-6784

Kamers Irene 2013-4723Kamers Irene 2013-4729Kamers Irene 2013-4742Kamers Irene 2013-6699Kamers Irene 2013 (lw)-6714Kamers Irene 2013-4988

Kamers Irene 2013 (lw)-6789Kamers Irene 2013 6770_convertedKamers Irene 2013-4616

The quote in this last photo of Luli Pulani’s shoe bags perfectly captures the essence of KAMERS and why we love to support local entrepreneurs.

Also enjoy more KAMERS Irene photos in Part 1 and Part 2.

Photos: Geneviève Fundaro

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