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Watch: KAMERS 2013 Product Preview Video

We are thrilled to share the most exciting and innovative KAMERS video yet! Our products quite literally come to life in this quirky preview of everything new and fresh you can look forward to at KAMERS Stellenbosch, 5-10 November at Webersburg Estate and Irene, Pretoria, 3-8 December 2013 at Open Window School.

Watch, enjoy and please share to spread the excitement!

The products in the video were all selected for photo shoots by our team during our viewings in May. Then, while the office was overflowing with all these gorgeous goods, Charl du Preez, our online media manager, had the idea to make a fun stop-motion new products video. It sounded quite intriguing, but we were not exactly sure what he had in mind. Since they collaborated so well on taking product photos during the viewings, he knew Nicky Myburgh, who manages the KAMERS range and puts together our beautiful shop at the shows, had the perfect styling touch to help him pull this off.

So they got together for a fun day of styling each scene in our studio and then meticulously moving the products one by one for each of the 209 shots needed to make the fun video you just saw. In between all the other work for the shows, Charl managed to put it all together in a first version just in time for our Stellenbosch supplier’s morning, where we also saw it for the first time. Everyone loved the quirky animation and we are so excited to share the beautiful final edit with you today – and so proud of our creative team!

We hope you like it as much as we do and will help us share it with the world. See you at KAMERS!

Video: Charl du Preez, Inheritance MG

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