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KAMERS & The Pretty Blog Photo Competition 2013

Are you an avid photographer? Whether you take pictures as a hobby or a profession, this is for you.

Every year we see stunning photos taken by our visitors and after our very successful KAMERS photo competitions in 2011 and 2012, we decided to reward those who capture the details to make the creativity of KAMERS timeless once again.


We have teamed up with our ever-stylish online media partner The Pretty Blog for an exciting nationwide photo competition during KAMERS 2013. It’s all about creativity, passion and beautiful subject matter.

The winner will receive the title of KAMERS & The Pretty Blog photographer of 2013, be featured on our blog and receive a 1 year SARIE subscription!

In addition, the public can vote for “Audience Favourites” on our Pinterest profile by repinning their favourite photos from the competition. The photos with the most repins will also be featured on our blog, so start repinning and motivating your friends to join in the fun as soon as your photos are loaded!

KAMERS-Ian-Odendaal KAMERS-alida_mouton_foto_3KAMERS-alida_mouton_foto_10 KAMERS-chantallmarshall1 KAMERS-bernard_voges

How to enter & rules:

On the entry form, submit a maximum of 10 individual photos, which together captures the general atmosphere as well as the detail of KAMERS at any of our 2013 events.

Photos should be:

  1. already edited (if preferred, unedited photos are also welcome)
  2. in full-colour (no black and white, sepia, etc.)
  3. 300 dpi
  4. 3MB maximum file size per photo
  5. renamed to include your name and the photo number (e.g. SarahSmith1).

No collages or compilations, black and white photos, frames, watermarks or logos are allowed.

Important: To participate you have to report to the entrance to get a KAMERS Photo Competition badge, allowing you to take photos at the event. All badges must be returned before you leave.

The winner will be chosen for the best presentation of the KAMERS experience as a whole, as well as in detail, by the KAMERS team and acclaimed portrait and wedding photographer Christine Meintjes, along with her The Pretty Blog co-owner, Nicola Pretorius. Try to cover general atmosphere and people shots, as well as beautiful product and food detail shots.

Submissions close as follows:

  1. KAMERS Bloemfontein photos: Monday 21 October
  2. KAMERS Stellenbosch photos: Monday 25 November
  3. KAMERS Irene photos: Monday 23 December

Audience Favourites will be the entries with the most repins on Pinterest from the competition board, chosen by the public. We will take into consideration that earlier entries will have more time to gain repins than later entries.

The winner, runners up and Audience Favourites will be announced on our blog in 2014.

Contact with any queries.

Please share this amazing opportunity with friends on Facebook and Twitter!

KAMERS-frederik_lotter__4KAMERS-chantallmarshall10KAMERS-astrid_nelKAMERS-jacobi-benkenstein_1KAMERS-rochelle-van-niekerkKAMERS-liezie_van_der_walt__image_1KAMERS-nadine_uys_10 KAMERS-nadine_uys_01

Terms & Conditions:

1. This promotion is only open to people who take photos at a KAMERS 2013 event.

2. No employees of KAMERS, The Pretty Blog, or any of their immediate family members may enter.

3. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

4. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

5. KAMERS and The Pretty Blog reserve the right to use any or all submitted photos in future for marketing purposes without further permission or compensation.

6. You are providing your entry information to KAMERS and The Pretty Blog only. The information you provide will only be used for selecting and contacting winners and subscribing to the KAMERS or The Pretty Blog newsletters if so indicated.


Photos: Anneska van der Spoel, Lindy Kriek, Lauren Fletcher, Ian Odendaal, Alida Mouton, Chantall Marshall, Bernard Voges, Frederik Lotter, Astrid Nel, Jacobi Benkenstein, Rochelle van Niekerk, Liezie van der Walt, Nadine Uys, Mariska Venter

9 thoughts on “KAMERS & The Pretty Blog Photo Competition 2013

  1. Just one question! I have never been to KAMERS before. Are we allowed to “move” objects to take pictures or just take pictures as everything is placed? Very excited!

    • Tamsieh, it would probably be best to ask a supplier before moving any of their products, but if you tell them it would make a beautiful photo they probably won’t mind. Don’t worry, there will be more than enough pretty things to shoot!

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    • Marinda, die eerste inskrywings behoort teen die einde van die week op Facebook en Pinterest te begin verskyn, nader aan Maandag se sluitingsdatum. Ons het egter geen inskrywing onder jou naam ontvang nie.

  3. Hi dankie vir die terugvoer! Inskrywing is gedoen deur my dogter Ashley van der Mescht!
    Hoop julle het dit ontvang?

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