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Introducing KAMERS Gifts Australia

It is with tremendous excitement that we announce the latest expansion of KAMERS – we are venturing abroad for the first time with KAMERS Gifts Australia! Our brand new online store is now live at and filled with beautiful handcrafted products, specially selected for our fans down under. Read on for the story behind this beautiful new online shop.


Back in April we met with Riana Hechter, who lives in Sydney since her husband started working there in 2011. Whilst settling in and getting used to a new city, their beautiful daughter was born. Soon Riana started feeling torn between her personal need for career fulfillment and the need to look after her home and family. Many women will relate to this internal struggle, coming from the powerful need to do the best for your family emotionally, physically and financially; looking after them and yourself as best you can. It is very hard to find a good compromise. Living in a foreign country, away from the support of family and friends, made this tug-of-war even more difficult for Riana. The idea to start her own business was born from looking for this compromise.


Riana’s sister, Magdel Kemp, is our Finance & Marketing Manager and while working in digital marketing in South Africa, Riana helped with our website at times, did our analytics reporting and often worked at the shows. So when she told Magdel that she wanted to use her skills to start an eCommerce business it was a perfect match with our dreams of expanding our horizons abroad.


“I immediately knew this is the opportunity I was looking for,” Riana says excitedly. “There is a niche in the Australian market that absolutely adores handcrafted goods made with love. There is a big movement of women wanting to support small business initiatives, because family is priority. The drive is to steer away from the mass produced, poor quality, retail brainwashing black hole.” It is a powerful evolution at this time. It is evidenced by growth in small boutique producers and handmade markets such as and “Plus, I honestly believe KAMERS products have just the right combination of original, beautiful and practical to appeal to the Australians and South Africans living in Australia.”


So it took one whirlwind meeting with the KAMERS team and Riana’s new business was born. After months of research and carefully selecting the right products, our digital doors are now open.  We are very excited about sharing the KAMERS experience and the products we are so proud of with the Australian market, but we also need your help. Please spread the word about to anyone and everyone you might know in Australia.



Photos: Lize-Marie van der Westhuyzen

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