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WIN! Celebrating Women’s Day with Janine Binneman Jewellery

Tomorrow is Women’s Day and we have something special for all you lovely ladies. KAMERS was started by two dynamic women and the team has grown tremendously, but still mainly consist of creative, hardworking, big-dreaming women, who love to see other women empowered to share their creativity and expand their entrepreneurship. We are proud to celebrate the power of women and to be a platform where they can share their dreams with our beautiful country.

Janine Binneman is one such a woman. Six months after graduating she sold her car and bought the basic jewellery equipment she needed to start her own business. “I was working at a commercial jewellery store and could not cope with the run of the mill designs, it felt soulless and uninspired. I was a bright eyed, idealistic grad student who literally took the plunge! Very scary but I really felt I had no other option,” she shares. Fifteen years later, she is still living her passion in a fantastic studio, overlooking Ou Kaapse Weg, the Tokai Forest and a river. “The hardest thing to overcome is the lack of confidence in your own aesthetic and ability to make a living,” she continues. “Winter is a hard time for all creative people and every year I think maybe this year I’ll get a proper job! The good news is that I’m clearly very stubborn and have never given up.” This creative drive and determination is what has carried so many of our suppliers through the quiet times and made successful women out of them.


Janine loves giving back, so in addition to her normal staff she often provides job shadowing opportunities with local schools and proudly says that at least five young jewellery designers did their job shadowing with her. She is also part of an amazing charity called Chic Mamas, that sells label clothing to raise money for educational projects. They have built a school, uplifted six creches in their area and provided art therapy to over 600 young school kids living in abject poverty and violent conditions. “We have five stores around Cape Town and one in Greyton. Last year we invested R1 000 000 into all our projects and everyone works purely as volunteers!” Janine shares excitedly. If you would like to be involved, visit their website or Facebook.


The little quirky things surrounding us daily and a love of travel inspires Janine. She also love’s browsing on Pinterest, I Want That and Messy Nessy Chic for online inspiration.

Janine will be at KAMERS 2013 Webersburg  in Stellenbosch 5-10 November and Irene, Pretoria 3-8 December and sums up her KAMERS experience, “KAMERS has given me exposure to a completely new market, wonderful new clients and a great space to meet, collaborate and vibe with other creative people.” Now, in celebration of Women’s Day, she is also giving back to one of you, our wonderful supporters:

WIN a handmade Janine Binneman Jewellery silver or gold plated silver monogram necklace, with an adjustable silver chain, worth R1400!


Three initials are used in the beautiful design. They could be any initials chosen by the winner and Janine will email a mock-up of the design before it is made. Other clients have chosen their own initials or those of three loved ones.

How to enter:

1. Tell us in the comments below of a woman whose entrepreneurial story has inspired you, or share why you love KAMERS and why you would like to win.

2. Share this competition with your friends. We can’t force you, but sharing the love is a nice thing to do! Won’t you be happy if one of your best friends won?


Terms & Conditions:

1. This competition is only open to residents of South Africa.
2. The competition closes on 31 August 2013. The winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on 2 September 2013.
3. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
4. Janine Binneman Jewellery will send the prize to the winner.

Photos by: Annie Kruyer, Janine Binneman Jewellery, Charl du Preez

35 thoughts on “WIN! Celebrating Women’s Day with Janine Binneman Jewellery

  1. I love Kamers because of all the creativity that you can see there. So many beautiful things and so many talented people 🙂

  2. I could buy the whole shop, but I just wouldn’t have enough space in my home! I hope to have my own entrepreneurial story one day and inspire many women that their dreams are possible.

  3. I love KAMERS as you walk away feeling all inspired by seeing the creativity by other artists. It’s unusual & colourful arts & craft & the stalls are nicely displayed. I would love to win because when I saw ‘M’ I thought that’s me…my initial 🙂

  4. I love Kamers because it always inspires me in my dream that I could actually do something creative and make a living from it, just loving what I do and making amazing products to fill other people’s homes, that must be awesome ! And if I could make jewelry for a living, well, my cup would just be full to the brim! xx

  5. I love Kamers because you get to see such inspiring artist and craftsmen / craftswomen!!! Kamers makes you so proud to be South African and it makes you want the whole world to see how amazing our creative people are in this country!!!

  6. I Love kamers because of all the things I see thats made by hand and that there is so much inspiration you can get that’s made from someone else’s hands 🙂 Liked and Shared 🙂

  7. Thank you Kamers team for YOUR constant innovation around craft and the handmade. I’ve shared. good luck

  8. Kamers creativity is amazing. Its proudly South African and handcrafted and this is what makes it wonderfully unique.

  9. Kamersvol…is letterlik kamers vol wonderlike God gegewe talente wat gebruik word om ander mee te ‘dien’ deur sintuie…Kyk hoe mooi, Voel hoe sag, Hoor die verbasing, Ruik die geure en Proe hoe lekker. Met al die ‘mooi’ gaan ons huis toe met harte vol dankbaarheid.

  10. i think all the women (and men I’m sure) who have followed their passion and produced such amazing product are inspirational. Visiting Kamers is a treat for the eyes and the heart. I am getting married next year and would love to win this prize as we will be using our monogram as a theme <3.

  11. I resently met a unemployed woman in Sunrise Park. Patricia is her name, she is a single mom, to feed her children, she started sorting waste and selling it, from this income she bought seeds, planted seedlings and transplated to grow vegetables. She also bought day old chicks and build a room where she grow them and sometimes even sleep with them to make fire to keep them warm, so that they can grow up. She sell the vegetables and the chickens for an income. She also manage to sustain her household. But the most amazing thing about her, is her social heart. She make soup every day for the orphans. She are now teaching other mothers to recycle, plant veggies and grow chickens. She, is an entrepreneur an an true inspiration to me.

  12. My mom, who has cared for me with the little she had. She was and still is the one who till today understands me best, protects me and also care for me although she is the one who need love and protection. She has always put me and my feelings 1st and still so. A woman who can tell a story just like she can. People love her and all listen carefully to her wisdom and her stories and advice to be shared. Remakable, loving, caring and the super woman in my and het loved ones hearts. My mom xxx

  13. I love KAMERS because it is a truly amazing wonderland of creativity and inspiration. Every item on sale has been lovingly made, sourced or crafted and put together in a beautiful way. KAMERS is a feast for the senses! I would love to win because the monogrammed necklace is gorgeous and eye-catching 🙂

  14. Well I would have to say my mother because she is always there for me she picks me up when I fall she makes me laughs when I’m sad she helps me when I struggle she loves me even in times when I felt hated she raised me up my whole life without even asked anything back from me. She is a true life hero because she made me who I am today and I thank God for a mother like her. And that’s my story.

  15. I love seeing all the incredible items Kamers has for sale. The people in our country are so talented. I wish that one day Kamers would come to Durban. I would love to win this special necklace so I could have my loved ones initials close to me.

  16. I love the creativity and opportunities (for new artists and existing artists) that are representated by Kamers vol Geskenke! I have been following Janine’s work for a while and love her unique items!

    I would love this necklace as I will be able to proudly wear my Husband and almost 3 year old daughter’s initials close to my heart! We are also trusting that things will work out for a sibling for Kayla and then I can add a 3rd initial to the beautiful necklace 🙂

    Have a lovely time at Kamers!

  17. Rehana Seedat
    The woman that inspires me is my aunt who started her own catering business 4 yrs ago. She works from home, has a staff of 4 women. They cater for small events and now her business has grown tremendously.
    Shared facebook & tweeted

  18. My mother is my idol! She is so talented. Her talents include painting, crocheting, quilting, flower arranging, dress maker, master chef and best teacher in the world.

    She has her own little business she runs from home. From teaching arts and crafts classes to creating the most beautiful crochet blanket her talents are endless.

    She is a true inspiration and I am the luckiest girl to be able to call her my mommy.

  19. I think Janine Binneman’s story is very inspiring. My friend and I have started our own little business and at times, it does get all too much. Being an entrepeneur is hard but hearing an inspiring story like Janine’s makes me want to just keep on, keeping on!

  20. I love Kamers because of what you stand for and for your creativity, your designs are so different from the everyday stuff yet they remain classy and fun. I would love to win simply because its a stunning necklace and I would love one to hang around my neck to wear with pride. thank you

  21. Kamers helps real people start small business, and with hand made, real craft stuff, we are able to buy into a person not just a brand. Our stuff has a face behind it, not just a consumer mass produced article.

  22. When thinking about a woman whose entrepreneurial story has inspired me, I immediately think of the amazing woman behind Hellooow Handmade. A few months ago I fell in love with a beautiful beaded chandelier I saw. After much googling, I managed to find the source of this amazing product and discovered Hellooow. Merewyn De Heer came up with the concept of her beautiful products and decided, in an attempt to give back to her community, to hire a group of HIV positive ladies and teach them new skills, offer them a livelihood and give them some passion. Her group of women have created a remarkable business and changed many lives. I was so inspired by her story that I have gone on to do a course in HIV counselling so I too can give back to the women in my community. (And I’m saving up for the chandelier for myself 🙂 )

  23. Ek put inspirasie uit die ‘girl next door’. Die Mamma met die droom. Die vrou met ‘n visie. Sy wat ankervas glo dat die stem wat binne haar praat, kom van God. Hy moedig haar aan om haar droom te lééf en so weer ‘n voorbeeld en inspirasie vir ander vrouens te wees. Om vlerke aan hulle drome te gee, sodat hulle ook weer as inspirasie kan dien vir die wat se stemmetjies nog net fluisteringe is. Die Kamers span het daardie fluistering in my siel wakker gemaak en laat harder praat. Met julle uithou en aanhou en glo. Hierdie is nie ‘n oornag suksesverhaal nie. Dit kos soms bloed sweet, twyfel aan jouself, more weer opstaan en luister na die Stem. Hierdie pad stap is nie maklik nie, maar o so vervullend. Ek is dankbaar vir die Kamers Inspirasie Vroue.

  24. Inspiration: Shona McDonald

    Cape Town based Shona McDonald’s business grew out of the pain of having a child with cerebral palsy, Shona founded Shonaquip as a close corporation in 1992, selling wheelchair buggies and support devices for disabled children. These were devices that she has designed and built to cater for her own disabled child, Shelley, simply because there weren’t any locally made wheelchairs that fitted her needs.

    In the early days Shona had two people working for her, and they operated out of her garage.

    Today Shonaquip is a well-established and highly regarded business that builds more than 6 000 wheelchairs a year, and generates more than US$4-million in revenue. The company employs more than 65 people who help to improve the lives of some of the many disabled people in this country. Many of the staff members are themselves disabled.

    Like all successful South African entrepreneurs, Shona had the ability to identify the bigger picture and take calculated risks. But she also had the empathy that is needed for successful social entrepreneurship and the ability to introduce social innovation that leads to systematic and sustainable change through her invention.

    Hierdie is vir my so ‘n fantastiese storie…ons dames hoef regtig vir niks en niemand terug te staan nie. Ons as vrouens het net so min soos iemand nodig om voor te sorg en voor lief te wees…en dit is genoeg om ons te inspireer om ongelooflike dinge te kan doen! Sjoe, ek love dit om ‘n vrou, ‘n dame, ‘n dogter, ‘n vriendin en ‘n eggenoot te wees…sterk, maar terselfder tyd sag…truly blessed!!

    PS. Ek wil graag hierdie pragtige “gold plated silver monogram necklace, with an adjustable silver chain” wen, want dit is net sooooo mooi en uniek!! Ek love dit ook dat ek die letters sal kan kies….want wanneer mense dit sien…sal hulle wonder….nog iets van vrouwees…misterie lê in ons opgesluit… 😉

  25. I love love love handmade things and think they are more precious because they take so much effort to be completed. As an artist myself and a lover of all things pretty, Kamers provides something for every mood…..

  26. I love Kamers, there is something for everyone, everything is so beautiful and you know that love and care has gone into everything.

  27. My sister, Michelle! Her and I started The Cupcake Tarts – baking from scratch and decorating novelty cupcakes and cakes – and after about a year, although the business was doing relatively well, I decided to pursue other interests. This didn’t deter Michelle, she continued by herself baking, decorating and delivering all her orders, all this working from home and raising two children under sometimes very adverse conditions. She has on many occasions worked right through the night to fulfill her orders, at times like this I know I would have given up, but her tenacity and will to succeed has paid off. She still works her butt off as she now has a thriving little business and is often fully booked. In general I admire all women as we have the ability to multitask on levels beyond our imagination!

  28. I would just love a necklace like this, the three initials I would use would by my husband and two son’s are they are my inspiration and my life and to have them close my heart everyday would be so special. I am also I think the hugest Kamers fan, when they come to Centurion, I cannot help myself, I not only go once I end up going a few times :). My Inspirational lady is Byrene from Doodles, she has been a close family friend, she has taken women from less fortunate circumstances and employed them where she teaches them skills and also gave them a job to better their lives!

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