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Discover Your Creativity With ‘The Artist’s Way’

As part of our heart to share, support and believe, we will be featuring books and resources on the blog that have inspired our creativity and helped us on the journey of growing our business. One such a book is Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way, which has inspired thousands of creatives over the years. “It is definitely one of the most influential books I have read,” says Amelia van Zyl, our Founder & Business Developer.

Julia-Cameron-and-The-Artists-WayAward-winning poet, playwright, filmmaker and author of 30 books, Julia Cameron is a remarkable woman. She has collaborated with her former husband, Martin Scorsese, on three films, but is best known for her books on creativity, like The Artist’s Way, which has sold over two million copies. Her other books range from the successful crime novel The Dark Room, to volumes of children’s poems and prayers.

Julia believes we all have creative ability. “Most of us have no idea of our real creative height. We are much more gifted than we know. My tools help to nurture those gifts.” The Artist’s Way is a practical guide to encourage you on your creative journey. Wanda du Toit, KAMERS Creative Director & Product Selection, explains that the book helps you to learn by accessing your creative self. “Everyone is creative and so much healing takes place through that discovery process,” Wanda continues, “I would recommend it to anyone.” Julia makes this process practical through two fantastic tools: writing morning pages and having an artist date with yourself once a week. Morning pages is a daily free flow writing discipline, which teaches you to distill your thoughts and feelings through the art of writing. “Often it is a very necessary tool to make abstract feelings concrete through words,” Wanda shares.

Julia encourages you to read the book with a group of friends or fellow creatives, to form a circle and be believing mirrors for each other’s dreams, ideas and creative projects. “I have been part of a circle like this for years and have experienced the joy of sharing in the growth, confidence and creative expression of my friends,” Amelia says. “This support structure and Julia’s principles have played a significant role in the growth of KAMERS as a creative business. We cannot recommend The Artist’s Way enough.” Read about Amelia’s circle and how they have grown creatively in SARIE.

Get your copy of The Artist’s Way on here.

Watch as Julia shares a bit more about The Artist’s Way and then goes on to explain the morning pages and artist date tools:


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