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KAMERS 2012: Celebrating 10 Years of Wonderful Women

Over the last 10 years the KAMERS team has been inspired by the tenacity of women and their ability to rise above hardships and challenges. This year we want to honour all the women who have inspired us. The grandmothers, mothers, sisters and friends. Poets, creatives and artists. KAMERS 2012 celebrates 10 years of women, their stories, their dreams and growth through creativity.

Fittingly, we are proudly supporting Reach for Recovery, a wonderful South African breast cancer support group. We decided not to hand out plastic bags at our entrance this year, but to donate the money we would have spent on this to Reach for Recovery. By buying a ticket for KAMERS you are enabling us to donate more to Reach for Recovery – thank you!

Read more on the pretty blog.

KAMERS 2012 Theme: celebrating Women

2 thoughts on “KAMERS 2012: Celebrating 10 Years of Wonderful Women

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